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Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice of which there are many styles, for many different purposes.

Qi means life force - this is called prana in yoga. It is the energy which animates us. Without it, there would be no life.

Gong means work or cultivation.

So the practice of Qi Gong is the practice of cultivating life force.


I practice and teach a style of Qi Gong known as Pangu Shengong. The practice was created by Master Ou Wenwei, and there are three different forms - a moving form, a non moving form, and an advanced condensed form. The moving form is the foundation and is learnt first. Then if one wishes to progress; after a month of practicing the moving form, then the non moving form can be learnt. It is recommended that the first two forms are practiced for at least 6 months before learning the advanced condensed form.

Strictly speaking Pangu Shengong is a Shengong rather than just a Qi gong. Shen is translated as spirit, so a shengong is an exercise for cultivating spirit. It strengthens your spirit as well as your life force. Pangu shengong is rooted in kindness, benevolence, and calmness, and has a deep philosophy behind it. It is a very healing practice which, if practiced diligently, strengthens the immune system greatly, making the one that practices more resistant to disease and more able to recover if diseases are contracted. It cultivates your life force, increasing it and greatly enhancing your ability to heal both yourself and others.

In order to derive full benefit from this practice, one must receive the initial Qi transmission from Master Ou, or a qualified Pangu Shengong teacher. This is like an attunement which enables a person to receive energy in the way it was intended. Although this concept can seem quite foreign to the Western world's way of thinking, it has been used for a long time in the East for enabling spiritual development.

I teach the moving form of Pangu Shengong, and have been trained by Master Ou to give initial Qi transmissions. This can be done in person, or online via Zoom. Please do get in touch if you are interested.

Pangu Shengong moving form training -

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