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When I started practicing yoga over 10 years ago, I was looking for some form of exercise that would keep me fit, flexible, and not mean I had to go to the gym. I knew that yoga was about stretching and meditation, and that it would probably help with flexibility, but wasn't really sure about if it could get me fit and strong. Then I came across a 'power yoga' video and thought I would give it a try. From the first time I practiced it, I was hooked. It was definitely a workout requiring both strength and flexibility. I continued to practice two or three times a week and started attending classes whenever I could. The benefits became obvious quite quickly. My digestion and sleep improved, but what was more surprising was the change in my emotional state. This convinced me that it was more than just a physical workout.

More recently, keen to experience the style from which power yoga had developed, I started practicing ashtanga vinyasa yoga, my current personal practice which I now do on a regular basis. My practice supports my work as a holistic therapist, helping my focus and keeping my energy levels consistent.

My decision to teach came about as I began to see that many of my clients could benefit from having some form of activity to complement their treatments. I also thought it would be great to be able to share what I know and make a living from the practice which I have grown to love. This led me to attend the 200hr Yoga Alliance teacher training course with Shakti Power Yoga taught by Valentina Candiani in London. I still consider myself a yoga student, though, and I hope you will enjoy studying with me.

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