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Hello and welcome to Vinyasapower yoga, Bristol. I'm Olu and I teach yoga in Bristol. I teach various styles, and focus on balancing strength building and flexibility with relaxation to achieve a calm and peaceful mind in a strong and functional body. In our society, where stress and stress related pains are so widespread that they are considered the norm, practicing yoga can offer a way to function easefully and remain centred amidst all the chaos. On a physical level, the benefits of yoga are well known. It can aid in;


  • Improving flexibility
  • Building strength, stamina and coordination
  • Aiding in weight loss efforts
  • Helping to reduce back and shoulder pain



On a more subtle level, a regular yoga practice can help improve concentration and mental clarity, regulate your emotions, and develop a stonger connection with your body/mind giving rise to a sense of inner peace.

Please follow me on instagram - @yogawitholu

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